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FUE-UJI Business Breakfasts: The Family Business

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3 - Nov - 2021

15, 24 and 29 november 2021

The family business is the predominant form of business throughout the world. However, international statistics indicate that on average only 30% of these companies exceed the first generation and that they do not manage to survive beyond the fourth generation. The foregoing has motivated the analysis of the characteristics and behaviors of family businesses, offering their own management models for this type of organizations, which boost their performance and survival over time.

The FUE-UJI Business Breakfasts: The Family Business organized by the Ciutat de Castelló Chair are aimed at founders, next generations of family entrepreneurs and members of business families who seek the permanence and success of their companies. Also, for consultants, business coaches and non-family directors of family businesses. The participants of these breakfasts will obtain knowledge that they will be able to apply in the effective direction and management of family businesses.

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