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FUE-UJI Extracurricular Work Placements

The Work Placement Programme allows companies to establish partnerships with universities. Companies contribute directly to the practical training of future professionals while obtaining from students an update on methodologies and procedures.

In order for a company to take part in the Programme and be able to offer a work placement, it must sign, or have signed, an Educational Cooperation Agreement (Work Placement Agreement) with the Universitat Jaume I and the FUE-UJI.

Once an application made by the company is received, the specialist staff of the FUE-UJI makes a pre-selection of candidates that best fit the requested profile and sends this information to the company by email.

Companies allocate an economic amount as a study aid bag. The minimum amount is € 250 / month. The company will finance the cost of the internship and will be responsible for paying the study aid directly to the student, applying the taxes that correspond according to current legislation (IRPF, Social Security).

Students who are carrying out paid free training practices will be included in the Social Security system (R.D. 1493/2011); All movements in this regard (registrations, discharges, medical reports, etc.) will be carried out by the COMPANY.

Once the candidate has been chosen, an appendix to the agreement will be signed which will contain all the necessary information about the work placement: company and student details, duration, start and end dates, tasks to be carried out by the student, financial aid offered, competences and objectives to be achieved, and so forth.

The company will appoint a supervisor who will establish the work placement plan in agreement with the academic tutor, host the student and organise the activities to be carried out in accordance with the established plan. The supervisor will also oversee the student’s activities and provide guidance on and monitor the development of the work placement, in a relationship based on mutual respect and the commitment to learning.

The company supervisor will complete a final assessment report and send it back to the FUE-UJI. Furthermore, at the end of the work placement, the company will issue a certificate to the student where reference will be made to the specialisation of the placement, its duration and, if appropriate, the student’s performance.

You can propose an Extracurricular External Work Placement desde here.

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