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At the FUE-UJI training area, we firmly believe in the transformational power of training, and we are committed to Jim Kwik's idea that "If knowledge is power, learning is our superpower".

As a result, and based on this conviction, we work to offer high-quality training, which is updated to meet society's needs and uses accessible cutting-edge methodology.

In the FUE-UJI training area, we carry out all the postgraduate/continuing education activities entrusted to us by the Universitat Jaume I, as well as our own training activities.

These activities fall within seven knowledge areas:

Our training programmes are designed to increase students' employability and aim to cover the current needs of society and the economy in every possible area.

We encourage voluntary work placements in companies. More than 1000 companies located all over Spain work with the FUE-UJI.

We have increased the number of our courses on which it is possible to attend classes in real time by video conference over the Internet in recent years. This means that students can be anywhere in the world and need not travel to the training centre to attend classes or contact their teacher, as interaction between the students and teacher and monitoring of the entire class in real time is possible through the platform we use.

Live Learning


In recent years, the number of courses that offer the option of attending class physically or following it from home, through our real-time video communication platform “Live Learning”, has been expanded. Most of the postgraduate courses offer this option.

In-company training

The Universitat Jaume I–Business Foundation offers you the opportunity to organise your own tailor-made training (in-company).

A wide range of multidisciplinary training tailored to each company's specific needs, thanks to a teaching network composed of research groups and faculty at the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló, as well as renowned Spanish and international professional experts.

Grants for training workers


At the Universitat Jaume I–Business Foundation, we offer personalised guidance so that companies and workers can receive a premium for the training courses available at our centre through the Spanish Foundation for Training in Employment (FUNDAE).


The Universitat Jaume I has entrusted the organisation and management of postgraduate training activities to the FUE-UJI, and as such we can use all the University's classrooms, teaching laboratories, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, open spaces, and other facilities, if the activity requires it.

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