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Event management service
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Our event management department offers a comprehensive service with personalised advice, and accompanies you from the beginning through to the end of the event.

The FUE is a reference point in the business world and a key player in the cooperation between the university and businesses. It has all the know-how necessary to organise congresses, conferences and seminars. It has a proven track record, experience and knowledge of the university and business worlds, as well as highly specialised technical and human resources. All this makes it the ideal instrument for the proper management of events that respond to the demands that arise in this field.

Our event management department offers a comprehensive service with personalised advice, and accompanies you from the beginning through to the end of the event. It hasthe following functions:

Organisational Office

Soporte económico-administrativo. Asesoramiento financiero previo, confección de un primer borrador de presupuesto de gasto, primeras negociaciones y propuestas de diferentes proveedores de los servicios auxiliares a contratar, gestión de pagos a conferenciantes y a proveedores, emisión de facturas, seguimiento y liquidación del presupuesto.

Economic-administrative support Initial financial advice, preparation of the preliminary draft of the expense budget, first negotiations with suppliers of the auxiliary services to be contracted and processing of their proposals, management of payments to speakers and suppliers, issue of invoices, follow-up and settlement of the budget.

Regular and timely information on the economic situation of the activity being organised.

Elección de espacios. Se buscan los lugares más convenientes para cada acto, bien sea dentro de la propia universidad como en lugares externos (hoteles, auditorios, etc.); además, nos encargamos de la adecuación de los mismos: decoración, medios audiovisuales, material necesario para las personas asistentes, etc.

Promotion. Commercial action is carried out targeted towards groups that are potentially interested in the congress, in order to promote, disseminate and communicate it through brochures, posters, web postings, emails, etc. Management of sponsorship contracts.

Choice of venues. We look for the best places for each event, either within the University itself or in external locations (hotels, auditoriums, etc.). We also ensure that all the needs for the event are covered: decoration, audiovisual media, necessary material for participants, etc.

Information and registrations.. All requests for information are processed, and the registrations of all the participants are managed, with personalised attentionrrangements. We carry out the parallel activities related to the congress, contact the speakers, arrange travel and accommodation, and so on.

Coordination.Opening and closing protocols, auxiliary staff and catering services.

Academic Office

Call for papers, preparation of academic schedule, management of papers, presentations and confirmation of acceptance or rejection of abstracts. Issuance of certificates to speakers.

Publication of congress proceedings. We collect the papers, manage the publications, and make the subsequent deliveries.

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