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FUE-UJI Extracurricular Work Placements
FUE-UJI Extracurricular Work Placements

The Extracurricular External Work Placement Programme at the Universitat Jaume I is an educational activity carried out by students, supervised by a professional from the organisation where it is carried out and by an academic tutor from the Universitat Jaume I.

Its main objective is to allow students to apply and consolidate the knowledge acquired during their academic training, as well as to help them acquire competences that prepare them to work as professionals and to facilitate their employability and capacity for entrepreneurship.

Agreements with companiess

Work placement agreements are entered into every year with new companies and organisations to host students for a period of time. Currently, there are more than 2,400 educational cooperation agreements in force with companies that host work placement students.

Students from the bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Accounting, in Business Administration and Management and in Advertising and Public Relations are the most requested by companies. The number of work placements in postgraduate studies has increased significantly.


The Graduate Scholarship Programme supplements this programme.

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