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The FUE-UJI was created with the commitment to collaborate with the Universitat Jaume I in promoting and disseminating activities related to the UJI-specific postgraduate and continuous training, the transfer of research findings, the measures aimed at helping graduates to enter the job market and the improvement of the potential of the companies and the economic and social sectors in Castellón.

Its goals are the following

Reach out to the local economic and social sector in relation to the Foundation's fields of competence

  • Foster and promote research agreements and contracts
  • Increase the amount of quality, non-regulated postgraduate training offered, including postgraduate, specialisation, expert and continuous training courses
  • Promote university extension activities
  • Increase the number of work placements undertaken through increased participation in national programmes
  • Set up awards, scholarships and financial aid for research and training
  • Any other goals that can be established to help the Foundation to accomplish its purpose

The FUE-UJI was established in 1993 as a private institution. In June 2016, after an amendment to its statutes, it became an instrument or executive service of the Universitat Jaume I.

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Gloria Serra

Phone: 964 38 72 22


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