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Graduate Scholarship Experience Programme

Since this is a training programme, grantholders will not have an employment relationship with the companies or organisations participating in the programme.

To formalise a scholarship offer, the host company or organisation has to complete a form stating the training programme, the activities to be carried out, the profile of the grantholder, the period and the allowance of the scholarship.

Companies or organisations participating in the programme shall bear the cost of the remuneration of the scholarship, to which an additional 10 per cent will be added to cover management costs, plus the corresponding contribution to the social security, as provided for in Royal Decree 1493/2011, of 24 October, and the student’s registration fees for the online Professional Coaching and Personal Development Training Programme .

The host company or organisation will designate a person to supervise the practical training process, which shall be permanently supported by a university lecturer in the quality of academic tutor of the scholarship.

This programme is in accordance with Royal Decree 1493/2011, of 24 October.

The minimum amount for part-time scholarships is €400 per month.

For full-time scholarships, the minimum amount is €650 per month.

The duration of the scholarship is at least 3 months.

A Graduate Scholarship can be offered here.

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