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Newsletter February 2023

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14 - Feb - 2023

News about the activity of the Universitat Jaume I-Company Foundation

The elfue.com February newsletter opens with the anniversary of the Universitat Jaume I-Empresa Foundation (FUE-UJI). To celebrate its 30 years of history, the FUE-UJI will promote different activities throughout 2023 and will launch a new identity with a new corporate logo that will integrate the 30 years and the claim #seguimsumant as a strong message.

On the other hand, we highlight the agreement to create the Smarts Ports Chair in order to champion the digital transformation of port enclaves thanks to the UJI and the Castellón Port Authority.

We also highlight various news such as the work meeting between the Catédra Cuatroochenta and the home automation company Túlia promoted by the UJI through the FUE-UJI, the meeting of the European EDUC consortium at the University to set priorities in the internationalization strategy of the study plans, the celebration of the Erasmus Day + Key Action 2 at the UJI and the participation of the EuroFUE-UJI in the Inndromeda TechDay with the European projects Dynamo and e-DIPLOMA.

In addition, we mention the beginning of the University Microcredential in Capture and Management of European Financing and the beginning of the postgraduate course in Police Mediation. We also expose the agenda for the start of new training courses this month and the appearance of the FUE-UJI in the media.

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