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II International Congress on Brand, Territory and Sport
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16 - Sep - 2022

The congress will be held on 10 and 11 November 2022 at the Universitat Jaume I.

The congress will take place, in person and virtually on 10 and 11 November 2022, at the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón, organised by the ENCOM research group and the Department of Communication Sciences. The meeting aims to raise awareness of the opportunities offered at a strategic level by three interrelated concepts such as branding, territory and sport, a clear contribution for citizens, companies and institutions. The congress is interested in those cases that provide knowledge and analysis of international, national and local experiences. In this second edition, the focus will be on two current issues, closely linked to communication, such as the linking of territorial policies with the SDGs and the use of technological advances in the experiences of all stakeholders.

THE BRAND, managed with the main objective of creating positive links that guarantee the credibility of the territory it represents. 

SPORT, which brings together positive values that favour the creation of links and is rooted in the geographical territory, which contributes to improving perceptions of it. A fundamental element of differentiation from the communication by and for the different agents; companies, civil society and institutions. 

THE TERRITORY, as a geographical space delimited by borders; physical, geographical, geopolitical or mental. 

All these aspects are clearly linked from the Jaume I University with its closest environment and, with its own character and philosophy, very sensitive to the demands of society and the needs of the business and social fabric, they put in value the scientific reflection of a congress on these issues. 

The aim is to generate knowledge regarding local, national or global practices in the management of these territorial brands that allow them to work efficiently and can become an intangible asset. Managed through communication and given their strategic nature, they will be capable of generating sources of competitive advantage for the territories they represent and the agents that interact with them. As López Lita and Benlloch (2005) comment, "on many occasions the territory brand takes on a dimension as a brand that goes far beyond simple mercantile and commercial and even cultural motivations and becomes a cry of a community that claims its identity". The development and promotion of sport can be an attractive source of value that must be made visible through the strategic communication of this territorial brand.

Thus, the objectives of the congress are as follows:

  1. To analyse the contribution of the strategic and technological management of territorial brands and their contribution to the sustainable development of the territories they represent.
  2. To learn about experiences on the development of territories based on the practice of sport, with an emphasis on the balance between sustainability and development. 
  3. To share experiences around this axis of territory and sport in the international sphere. 
  4. To dissect the transcendence of sport as a communicative support in the international geopolitical scenario. 

The scientific contribution will be organised into five lines of work in accordance with the objectives set out above, which the scientific committee of the congress, belonging to the Department of Communication Sciences and other national and international universities, has established. These are: 

  • Brands, territory and sport. Innovative experiences in the combined management of some of these strategic axes.
  • Social impact of the strategic management of the brand, territory and sport.
  • Brands, territory and sustainability: The aim is to learn about aspects of the creation and management of brands, territorial brands or sporting experiences in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Sports diplomacy and territorial identity: Analysis of the use of sport as a communicative support for territorial diplomacy and as an element that shapes collective identities.
  • Brands, media and sport: Experiences of sport management, brand management and analysis of the media context at the intersection between communication and sport.
  • Transparency, sport and reputation, given the growing phenomena of opacity that sometimes characterise federations, countries and territories and their possible impact on reputation. 
  • Disinformation, fake news and sport.
  • Citizen involvement and participation in the management of major sporting events.
  • Adapted sport as a tool for social inclusion and the reduction of inequalities.

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