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28 - Apr - 2021

The Experience Programme offers practical training in companies for recent Universitat Jaume I graduates

It is aimed at recent graduates and graduates of the Universitat Jaume I, under 30 years of age, in a situation of unemployment or job improvement, to complete their theoretical training, through internships in companies, in order to achieve professional insertion. The FUE-UJI intends that all participants in its Experience Program of Graduate Scholarships acquire qualities valued by the business environment and for this the practical stay in the company is complemented with an online course that provides participants with the necessary skills and abilities to facilitate and improve their insertion into the labor market.

In 2020, and despite the situation caused by the health crisis, the FUE-UJI signed 43 new agreements with companies, which represents more than 429 cooperation agreements in force. In 2020 it managed 331 scholarship agreements.

The Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa is in charge of all the procedures with the administrations, Social Security, AEAT, etc.

Graduates enrolled in the program can access the open calls through the web www.fue.uji.es or present their own application in a company or entity and, later, contact the Scholarships and Practices Area of ​​the Jaume I-Company University Foundation.

How companies or entities can participate

To host UJI graduates, companies or entities must submit their application to the Foundation. To do this, they must complete a form that can be downloaded in digital format through the web and, from FUE-UJI, they will contact you to offer all the detailed information and process the collaboration agreement.

The host company or entity must make the facilities, means and resources necessary for the proper functioning of the internship available to the trainee, as well as have at least one supervisor with the same or superior experience / qualification as the recent graduate. to be able to carry out an adequate tutoring.

More info: www.fue.uji.es/en/scholarships

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