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elfue Newsletter January 2022

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13 - Jan - 2022

News about the activity of the Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa

The first elfue.com newsletter of the year opens with the presentation of the 2022 Action Plan. In addition, we announce the Dynamo project, coordinated by the UJI together with the FUE-UJI; it is the first EIC PATHFINDER in the Comunitat Valenciana.

On the other hand, we present the video Advance Report of Activities of the FUE-UJI. Similarly, we highlight several news such as the participation of the FUE-UJI in the organization of the ERRIN Erasmus + PDW 2021: Plenary Session, the assistance of the EuroFUE-UJI to the XII Port Castelló-Mediterráneo Business Conference, the publication of the second newsletter of the Intercat project on accessible and sustainable tourism or the dissemination of the 4th newsletter of the RESTAT project.

Finally, we announce new offers of Extracurricular Internships and Scholarships of the Experience Program, and the Own Postgraduate Programs that begin in January and February 2022. We also highlight the XVII Meeting of Computational Algebra and Applications EACA 2022, which will take place on 20, 21 and June 22 of this year.

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