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24 - Apr - 2024

The study arises from various meetings sponsored by FUE-UJI

The UJI has begun its first audit work on the economic, environmental and reputational impact of the Arenal Sound music festival in Burriana. Those responsible for this exhaustive study have held several meetings in recent weeks with the mayor of the town, Jorge Monferrer Daudí.

This Audit work arises from various meetings, previously held and sponsored by Fundació Universitat Jaume I-Empresa between the council and a team of researchers from the Universitat Jaume I, the FACES group, directed by Iluminada Fuertes and José Miguel Tirado, from the department of Finance and Accounting of the UJI.

The Universitat Jaume I is in charge of analyzing the multiple and varied repercussions caused by an event of such magnitude as the Arenal Sound and that the audit will discover, for the Government team of the Burriana City Council, through a series of previous works, during and after the next edition.

To do this, a series of surveys and studies will be necessary that will reveal the direct, indirect and induced economic impact and that, therefore, will take into account elements such as the expenses that the organization makes in the town, the expenses made by those attending the venue. of the festival, as well as the impact of the drag effect on the regional and local productive fabric. Environmental aspects such as the consumption of natural resources, pollution, noise or waste generation will also be considered.

Finally, the assignment to the UJI will also analyze the degree of visibility that the Arenal Sound brings to the town of Burriana, both nationally and internationally, and whether this helps in the medium and long term to revitalize the local economy.

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