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The UJI promotes a day of knowledge transfer with AVA-ASAJA

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22 - Sep - 2022

Participants made innovative proposals to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector.

The Universitat Jaume I aims to effectively reach society with the technological offer and services of its researchers and to improve interaction with the socio-economic environment so that the knowledge and technology generated by the UJI can be used to overcome the problems and challenges that this environment has to face.

In this line, and on the initiative of the Vice-rectorate for Innovation, Transfer and Scientific Dissemination, a day of dynamization has been held between some research groups of the UJI and members of the Valencian Association of Farmers, AVA-ASAJA.

The meeting, which arises from a first visit made a few months ago to the experimental farm of AVA-ASAJA, Finca Sinyent, was attended by the vice-rector of Innovation, Transfer and Scientific Dissemination of the UJI, David Cabedo; the general secretary of AVA-ASAJA, Juan Salvador Torres; the manager of the FUE-UJI, Gloria Serra; the head of the association in Castellón, José Vicente Guinot; and the technical team of the unit of innovation and transfer of the Universitat Jaume I.

The conference served to present the work of outstanding researchers from the UJI belonging to the Department of Biology, Biochemistry and Natural Sciences. The representatives of AVA-ASAJA were able to learn first-hand about the innovative projects and solutions being worked on at the University and to raise the challenges facing the agricultural sector, such as digitisation, the use of sustainable tools and techniques and the survival of traditional farming techniques, among others.

The event held today is an initiative of the UJI, organised and promoted through the Universitat Jaume I-Empresa Foundation.

The research groups that participated in the sessions were the BBuji Biochemistry and Biotechnology group, the MCAgA Agri-Food Quality Improvement group, the CPMB-Crop Protection and Molecular Biology group, the MICS-Cell Signalling and Metabolic Integration group and the Ecophysiology and Biotechnology group.

The issues addressed focused on the challenges of organic farming, techniques to combat pests and biological means and the possibility of replicating an experimental farm such as Finca Sinyent in the province of Castellón.

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