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Smalticeram joins the Board of Trustees of the Universitat Jaume I-Empresa Foundation

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27 - Jun - 2024

The firm has joined the FUE-UJI as employer number 37

The Smalticeram firm has joined, as trustee number 37, the group of companies and entities that make up the Board of Trustees of the Universitat Jaume I-Empresa Foundation (FUE-UJI).

The act of formalizing the accession took place at the FUE-UJI headquarters with the presence of Eva Alcón, rector of the Universitat Jaume I and president of the FUE-UJI; Fernando Tomás, general director of Smalticeram; and the executive president of the Foundation, Carlos Cabrera.

The rector of the UJI and president of the FUE-UJI, Eva Alcón, has pointed out: "The incorporation of Smalticeram to the Board of Trustees gives us a new opportunity to recognize the strategic importance that the ceramic sector has for the UJI", and has thanked the confidence in the Universitat Jaume I as an "ideal ecosystem for specialized training, research and innovation with the capacity to generate added value and improve competitiveness."

«These acts highlight the sum of efforts between the public university and the productive sectors. And even more so in a context like the current one, when we have to respond to global challenges such as the green transition and digital transformation," stated Alcón, who added that "with this accession, Smalticeram also takes another step in its strategy of social responsibility and in the commitment to training and young talent as avenues for innovation.

During the meeting, Fernando Tomás expressed the pride that this membership of the board represents for Smalticeram and how it can contribute positively to the growth and development of the company, which is currently concentrating most of its investments in Spain. Tomás has also stressed the need to put the knowledge and research offering that arises from the University at the service of society.

For his part, Carlos Cabrera has expressed the satisfaction "that it means for the Foundation to incorporate Smalticeram, with whom we share the importance of promoting quality training to increase qualifications and satisfy the needs of the productive system, as well as promote research and business innovation, always focused on
"improve competitiveness and with the University as an ally."

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