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Newsletter January 2022

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7 - Feb - 2022

News about the activity of the Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa

The February newslatter elfue.com announces the Open Enrollment for the UJI Own Postgraduate Courses, since during this first quarter of the year a large number of expert courses will begin. In addition, we published the Interview with Carlos Gonzalvo Prades, Deputy of the General Directorate of Vernís, in which he tells us how the company joined the FUE-UJI Board of Trustees and how they collaborate with the Foundation.

On the other hand, we highlight various news such as the celebration of the Erasmus+ Virtual Conference: Key Action KA2, which will take place at the UJI on February 14, the participation of EuroFUE-UJI in the Forum of Universities for the future of Europe or the publication of the 4th newsletter of the Erasmus+ IMONED Project on online education.

Likewise, we mention the role of the ECOMAYA project that has trained more than 290 students in Entrepreneurship, Beekeeping and Sustainability, and the impulse of the FUE-UJI in the internationalization of the INIT and IUTC institutes of the UJI.

Finally, we publish new offers of Extracurricular Internships and Scholarships of the Experience Program and we highlight the XVII Meeting of Computational Algebra and Applications EACA 2022, which will take place on June 20, 21 and 22 of this year.

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