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Newsletter April 2022

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5 - Apr - 2022

News about the activity of the Universitat Jaume I-Company Foundation

The April bulletin of elfue.com opens with the news about the Meeting of companies in the ceramic sector, organized by the FUE-UJI together with Cuatroochenta, and with the announcement that very soon the offer of UJI Own Postgraduate Courses for the 2022-2023 academic year.

In addition, we highlight various news such as the reception of Westen Illinois University students through the Study Abroad program, the collaboration with SECOT Castellón in the Erasmus+ ACML project on digitization, the renewal of the lines of collaboration between the FUE-UJI and the college of doctors from Castellón or the participation of the Dynamo project in the Conference on the European Innovation Council of Horizon Europe, organized by IVACE.

Likewise, we mention the beginning of several Continuous Training courses or the participation of the FUE-UJI in the Spain-Argentina twinning sessions of the ECOMAyA project.

Finally, we expose new offers of Extracurricular Internships and Scholarships of the Experience Program and highlight the appearance of FUE-UJI in the media.

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