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Gloria Serra, manager of the FUE-UJI, participates in the Innovation Breakfast

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8 - Nov - 2021

Castellón Plaza and Port Castelló Conference: Innovation, the great challenge for organizations

To say that the future of the economy and society is linked to innovation may seem like a no-brainer. For this reason, in a world that is developing at breakneck speed, initiatives that value creativity and talent are crucial for the business sector to adapt to constant changes and build more competitive and dynamic markets. With this premise as a starting point, the working day organized jointly by Castellón Plaza and the Autoridad Portuaria Castellón called Innovation, the great challenge for organizations, took place at the PortCastelló headquarters and in which managers and experts from various business branches and the Administration have made clear the need to establish synergies between the public and private sectors to achieve these "collaborative environments of continuous innovation", which were discussed during the forum.

An example of the initiatives that are already underway in this regard is the Ports 4.0 capital fund, a corporate open innovation model adopted by Puertos del Estado and the 28 Spanish port authorities in June 2020 to attract, support and facilitate implementation. of talent and entrepreneurship to the Spanish logistics-port sector, both in the public and private sectors. Pilar Parra, corporate director of Puertos del Estado, points out in this regard that “the intention of the institution is to be leaders in innovation, therefore this tool was created with an economic endowment of 12 million euros to encourage the creation and consolidation of startups or new lines of business that develop innovative processes for the logistics-port sector, having presented 13 projects from Castellón ”.

During the day, Gloria Serra has spoken, she is the manager of the Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa (FUE-UJI), who has already turned 27 years old. With her words, Gloria advocates “to go hand in hand to achieve these challenges, as required by Next Generation grants from the European Union, in consortia or in another type of society, and above all, to take advantage of all this critical mass and the talent that exists in the university, which must be promoted ”. And she puts as an example the Association of Technological Companies of Castellón, Xarxatec, "which does not compete, but rather its objective is to establish collaboration mechanisms".


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