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21 - Feb - 2023

The UJI receives more than 500 thousand euros of financing for Erasmus+ KA2 projects

The Jaume I University of Castelló has received €546,723 in European funding this last year for the implementation of 12 projects within the framework of Key Action 2 of the Erasmus + programme, which promotes cooperation between European organizations and institutions.

On Thursday, February 2, the UJI has organized the Erasmus+ Day Key Action 2: Alliances for Innovation and Capacity Development in the field of Higher Education with the aim of promoting participation in the Erasmus + program and providing the necessary tools to the University research staff so that they can attract funding to develop their innovative projects. The conference is an initiative of the Office of the Vice President for International Relations to encourage the participation of the UJI in centralized projects of key action 2, in which the EuroFUE-UJI collaborates as part of the internationalization strategy.

Eva Camacho, UJI Vice-Rector for International Relations, highlighted during the inauguration the increase in the proposals presented at the UJI to the calls for the Erasmus+ program: "3 years ago we carried out the strategy to support UJI research staff for the preparation of Erasmus + proposals, which has resulted in more than 50 proposals submitted with a success rate of 38%”.

The Erasmus + program is the European Union's program par excellence in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. With an annual budget of 4,200 million euros, from the UJI the centralized calls stand out: Associations for Innovation and Capacity Development in the field of Higher Education, as indicated by Camacho. In particular, the new Erasmus + calls increase their support for inclusion, active citizenship, democratic participation, ecological and digital transformation in the European Union and internationalization.

The event was attended by the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) and the Delegation of the Valencian Community in Brussels, who presented the characteristics of the Erasmus + program and the general framework for the 2023 call.

Inmaculada Remolar, director of the Institute of New Image Technologies (INIT-UJI), has presented the IKSE project - Innovative Keys for Social Entrepreneurship: piloting for FP providers as a success story of the University. Óscar Belmonte, a researcher from the GIANT-UJI group, has presented the LivAI project for the promotion of active education through artificial intelligence. Finally, Professor Francesc Esteve has presented the DigiUGov project, Erasmus + Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education whose objective is the inclusive and participatory university digital transformation.

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