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15 - Nov - 2022

Financed by Fundación ONCE and the FSE, promoted by FUE-UJI

The Universitat Jaume I has inaugurated the second edition of the course "UniDiversitat: Training for employment and independent living for young people with intellectual disabilities", an inclusive university initiative aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 30 with intellectual disabilities in which they will participate this year 15 students.
The event was attended by the Vice Chancellor for Social Responsibility, Inclusive Policies and Equality, Elsa González; the regional director of Inserta Empleo Fundación ONCE in the Valencian Community, Vicente Micó; the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Studies and Permanent Training, María José Aramburu; as well as the academic director of the program, Odet Moliner, and the technical director and coordinator of the Unit of Diversity and Disability of the UJI, Olga Carbó.
The session was also attended by teachers from the program and representatives of collaborating entities in the field of disability in the province of Castelló.
The course, which will take place from November 7 to May 15, aims to improve the employability, social inclusion and independence of these young people through the promotion of general and professional skills that facilitate their access to ordinary work environments.
The training is promoted by the Office of the Vice President for Social Responsibility, Inclusive Policies and Equality; the Office of the Vice President for Studies and Permanent Training and the Disability and Diversity Unit of the Universitat Jaume I, and is financed by the ONCE Foundation and the European Social Fund. In addition, the entities Castellón Bolangera, Castelló Independent Living Office, COCEMFE Castelló, TEA-CAST, the Castelló Down Syndrome Foundation and the Fenòmens Association collaborate.

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