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3 - Jun - 2022

Diputación de Castellón and UJI continue to show their commitment with the social and business environment

The provincial deputy for Ceramic Promotion, Ximo Huguet, and the vice-rector for Studies and Lifelong Learning of the Universitat Jaume I, Isabel García Izquierdo, held a meeting to show the commitment of the Castellón Provincial Council with the UJI and promote a collaboration agreement between both institutions in the organization of the Award for Academic Excellence for the student body of the Master in Ceramic Technology. The meeting was also attended by the directors of the master, José Luis Amorós and Gustavo Mallol.

The prize will have an economic endowment of 5,000 euros to be distributed between the two best academic records of the master's degree, in accordance with the evaluation criteria that will be established in the call. "With this, the Diputación de Castellón intends to recognize the effort in training as a fundamental value for professional excellence in the ceramic sector, which, ultimately, benefits from its technical value", explained Huguet.

"The UJI is firmly committed to the development of its social environment and is committed to strengthening ties with institutions and the business fabric," commented Isabel García Izquierdo. "This award will recognize the work of the student body, but also of the teaching staff who teach the master's degree, and for this we thank the Provincial Council for its support of the initiative in this fundamental sector of the provincial economy."

The Universitat Jaume I will be in charge of carrying out the announcement and dissemination among the students who enroll in September, as well as the resolution, award and justification of the subsidy for the organization of the prize that will be awarded in 2023, after the end of the academic year. For its part, the Diputación de Castellón will be responsible for the economic contribution of this subsidy and a member of the provincial entity will form part of the assessment and monitoring commission.

The Master's Degree in Ceramic Technology of the public university of Castellón is the only master's degree of these characteristics that exists in the Spanish territory to train professionals in the management of the different manufacturing processes of ceramic materials and tiles.

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