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The Castellon-based company Elektrosol joins the Board of Trustees of the FUE-UJI

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20 - Dec - 2023

Con esta incorporación ya son 36 las organizaciones del Patronato

The solar photovoltaic installation company Elektrosol has joined the Board of Trustees of the Universitat Jaume I-Empresa Foundation, in a ceremony held today at the headquarters of the FUE-UJI with the presence of Eva Alcón, rector of the Universitat Jaume I and president of the FUE-UJI; Victoria Rodrigo, manager of Elektrosol; and the executive president of the Foundation, Carlos Cabrera.

Sebastián Pla, president of the Social Council of the UJI and vice-president of the Universitat Jaume I-Empresa Foundation; Javier Grandío, secretary of the UJI Social Council and of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation; David Cabedo, vice-rector of Innovation, Transfer and Scientific Dissemination; Gloria Serra, manager of the FUE-UJI; and Susana Borillo, head of the technical area of Elektrosol, attended the event.

The rector of the UJI and president of the FUE-UJI, Eva Alcón, pointed out that "this act represents the commitment of the Universitat Jaume I and Elektrosol to open stable collaboration channels" and thanked its manager, Victoria Rodrigo "for her willingness to turn the UJI into a priority ally within the strategy of social responsibility and integral development of the company".

"At the University we have research and technological innovation capabilities that can be used for the development of Elektrosol, as well as opening up a wide range of synergies in training, attracting university talent and internationalisation", said Alcón.

During the meeting, Victoria Rodrigo, said "we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the integration of the business fabric at the Universitat Jaume I and the growth of both parties. For us, cooperation between the company and the campus is essential and synonymous with progress and innovation".

Elektrosol's manager stressed the importance of supporting the academic development and retention of the talent that emerges from the University. For his part, Carlos Cabrera has expressed the satisfaction "that means for the Foundation to incorporate a new entity, and continue adding, and especially being an organization like Elektrosol, 100% from Castellón and a sector in obvious expansion, which will undoubtedly add great value to the project of the Universitat Jaume I-Empresa Foundation".


Elektrosol was founded in 2004 with the aim of offering a comprehensive system of Solar Photovoltaic Installations. The experience acquired during these almost 20 years has made Elektrosol one of the strongest companies in the sector with more than 200 MW installed, mainly industrial self-consumption. It currently has 4 lines of business: industrial self-consumption, already mentioned above and which represents a very important part of the business, a residential division, operation and maintenance of all types of photovoltaic installations, and recently, a new line has been incorporated for the construction of small generation plants up to 15MW.

Elektrosol has a powerful team of technicians and engineers, as well as a proven economic solvency that allows it to undertake large projects, positioning itself against other companies in the sector, thanks to its speed and availability.

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