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FUE-UJI and Cuatroochenta organize a meeting with companies in the ceramics sector

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1 - Apr - 2022

The aim is to meet the challenges of the industry and bring together high-value technological solutions for the ceramics sector.

The FUE-UJI, in collaboration with Cuatroochenta, recently organized the breakfast High-value technological solutions for the ceramic sector, a meeting in which ceramic companies from the province addressed, with a cluster vision, the opportunities and challenges they undertake in different areas , through reflection and the sharing of knowledge on the digitization of processes in the industry.

In the sectoral forum, moderated by the director of News Radio Castellón Cadena SER, Jaume Maicas, representatives of entities and companies in the sector participated, such as: the manager of Ceracasa, Carlos Cabrera; the head of R&D&i at Keraben, Luis Guaita; the IT manager of ASCER, Arturo Soler; the deputy director general of Vidres, Javier Villar; the person in charge of Quality and Environment at Cerámicas Aparici, Ricardo Aparici Ballester; the manager of FUE-UJI, Gloria Serra; Macer's manager, Manuel Borrás; the head of the research group in the Temporary Knowledge Bases Group (TKBG) of the UJI, Rafael Berlanga; the researcher at the Temporary Knowledge Bases Group (TKBG) of the UJI, Lledó Museros; the deputy vice-rector for transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship of the UJI, David Cabedo; the co-founder and CEO of Cuatroochenta, Alfredo Cebrián; and the managing partner of Cuatroochenta's Corporate Business Development (CBO), Santiago Gimeno.

Interoperability with suppliers and customers in search of operational efficiency; cybersecurity to shield the company, avoid vulnerabilities and ensure the continuity of the activity; the training and strategic vision to approach with guarantees the optimization of the processes in the company, or the applications of artificial intelligence throughout the entire value chain were the backbone of the issues addressed by the table, given the relevance that digitization and concepts such as the digital twin, data governance or business intelligence, in order to achieve greater competitiveness.

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