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Destaca Fair 2022 in Vila-real

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17 - Nov - 2022

The FUE-UJI collaborates in the organization of this innovation forum

The stand of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló at the science, technology and innovation fair Highlights 2022 has the participation of the Institutes for Advanced Materials and New Image Technologies and two companies located in Espaitec: the spin-off company CEBIMAT and the start-up company GEA Biotechnology, presenting the latest technologies in their fields. The students who are part of Formula Student have also brought their car to the fair to explain its construction.

The rector, Eva Alcón, visited the UJI stand after the opening ceremony, where she highlighted that this participation "is a good example of applied research, technologies and services that the UJI is currently developing to contribute to the energy sustainability, move towards the circular economy and provide technological solutions to essential sectors such as ceramics or the agricultural sector”. In addition, he has also stressed "the importance of the informative aspect to awaken vocations among the smallest student body, vocations that have to guarantee a better future."

In addition to Espaitec, the UJI science and technology park, the University-Business Foundation (FUE-UJI) is also present, and in the scientific dissemination section the Solid State Chemistry Group, with visual experiments, and a team of researchers from the UJI and the University of Zaragoza showing laser technology.

The Institute of New Image Technologies (INIT) presents an immersive virtual reality environment. With virtual reality glasses, users can navigate through a domestic environment and be able to make changes to both the furniture and the walls. The objective of this environment is to show the possibilities offered by virtual and augmented reality technology for the presentation of business products.

For its part, the Institute for Advanced Materials (INAM) shows its lines of sustainable innovation, such as high conductivity ceramic tiles that can be used in electrocatalytic reactors for the production of hydrogen; luminescent additives for security markings; storage of hydrogen in liquid form; biocompatible hydrogels for use in localized drug delivery and antimicrobial and virucidal coatings. In addition, they have an electrolyser to explain the separation of hydrogen and oxygen molecules from water with electricity.

The spin-off CEBIMAT, dedicated to the study of the biodegradation of materials and the development of technological innovation solutions related to this biological process, explains how it develops tests in the laboratory to measure the biodegradation of materials and the advisory service for the development of products with this type of materials.
The technology-based company GEA Biotechnology offers products and services for the agricultural sector, specifically to contribute to increasing production, nutrient absorption, reducing fruit deterioration or the presence of plant diseases. Its crop management system makes it possible to improve crop productivity by controlling over time the main parameters such as water and nutritional needs and the appearance of diseases.
In addition, different scientists from the public university of Castellón take part in the round tables. The table on "New energy sources for the industrial sector" included Eliseo Monfort from the BP-UJI Chair of the Environment and Diego Fraga from the Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. Eloísa Cordoncillo, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, and Francisco Fabregat from the University Institute of Advanced Materials have intervened at the table dedicated to “New challenges in the field of materials science”.
The table "Optimization of natural resources and circularity of raw materials" on Thursday will be moderated by Guillermo Monrós, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, and will include the intervention of Ignacio Morell, Professor of Hydrogeology. In the Thought Forum of the Association of Ceramic Technicians, Xavier Molina, professor of Business Organization will participate as moderator of the table dedicated to "The ceramic cluster today and tomorrow" and Gustavo Mallol, master's degree professor and director of the Association for Research in Ceramic Industries.

Scientific Disclosure Fair

The researchers Samuel Porcar García, Jaime González Cuadra and Karina Treviño Rodríguez, from the UJI Solid State Research Group, and a research team from the UJI and the University of Zaragoza made up of Héctor Santos, Abderrahim Lahlahi Attalhaoui and Carlos Estepa participate in the dissemination part of the fair, more geared towards schoolchildren, where they explain the importance of science in everyday life with visual experiments, the former, and how cutting-edge technology such as lasers works, the latter.

The Fair Highlights 2022 is held until November 18 at the Center for Fairs, Congresses and Meetings of Vila-real and addresses energy challenges, the optimization of natural resources and the industrial and digital transformation. The informative part, which will have the participation of more than a thousand schoolchildren, takes place from November 14 to 18. The Fair also hosts the National Materials Meeting, the CEEI Castelló Open Innovation Forum and the ATC Thought Forum, as well as the Globalis Foundation awards ceremony.

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