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3 - Mar - 2022

Onda offers a training opportunity to young graduates through the FUE-UJI collaboration scholarships

Onda City Council continues to bet on retaining local talent. That is why, together with the Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa (FUE-UJI), it offers recent graduates from Onda a scholarship program. Through this, young graduates can gain experience in the different areas of the City Council for 12 months with the aim of completing their training with a real experience in which to put into practice the knowledge and notions acquired during the degree. With this purpose, the consistory collaborates with the FUE-UJI and each year incorporates graduates in areas such as Communication, Environment, Information Technology, Administration and Finance, Labor Mediation or Social Services. Thus, since 2019 it has welcomed 11 young people from Ondense. 

The collaboration with the UJI continues

The City Council has approved the update of the collaboration agreement with the Universitat Jaume I for the realization of curricular and extracurricular internships by Onda students. The purpose of this is to ensure that the students of the city can carry out the practices in their own town. The City Council of Onda belongs to the Board of Trustees of the FUE-UJI since April 2015, thus showing its commitment to the Jaume I University and its involvement in the initiatives developed by the FUE-UJI over the years.

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