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Aesthetic Dentistry
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One of the important clinical Disciplines which are inevitable for better smile. Many in the society suffer from dental problems which prevents from good smile



Duration:  150 hours (15 ECTS credits)

Modality:  Blended

Date and time: The Schedule will be informed by the course director after registration.

This course will take place in India 

Contact phone:  

Spain +964 38 72 09/12 

India +91 8095253300 (WhatsApp)

Title / Diploma obtained:  Continuous training by the Universitat Jaume I




All the students will have to have a dentist's degree 


  • Through this program, the student will get familiar with the principles of Esthetic Dentistry, and the importance of interdisciplinary approach in achieving optimal results, focusing on minimally invasive dentistry as a basic premise. 
  • Through an adequate esthetic (esthetic and dynamic) diagnosis of peribuccal, gingival and dental parameters, the student will be able to elaborate an interdisciplinary treatment, to plan and to solve all kinds of cases.


  • Principles of dental aesthetics and adhesion.
  • Aesthetic diagnosis, planning and interdisciplinary treatment of the patient's smile. Smile design
  • Indications of different materials, techniques and restoring and rehabilitation options of minimally invasive Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • Ceramic lamination, step by step.
  • Control of all commands and parameters of dental photography equipment.
  • Instructions and guides for protocolizing of all types of photographic extra and intraoral records.
  • Prediction technique for aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth using composite. Restorations in Class III, IV, V, microdontic teeth, space closure.
  • Stratification in posterior sector with composites to dominate the morphology and characterization of posterior teeth.
  • Different alternatives to implants in the previous sector.
  • Management and remodelling of preimplant tissues and fabrication of provisional teeth.
  • Principles of teeth whitening.
  • Customized diagnosis of each case and a customized treatment plan according to the type and level of discoloration and characteristics of each patient.
  • Restoring options in previous deteriorated teeth basing on ACE classification.
  • Different preparations of incrustation: inlay, overlay, only, and veneer-only.
  • Step by step instructions of adhesive buccal restorations with the maximal care of remnant dental structure.
  • Removable prosthesis, aesthetics, impression making, impression materials, laboratory procedures.
  • Gingival Veneers. 
  • Digital Smile Designing Session
  • Photography and Case Presentation
  • Aesthetics with composites - Anterior & Posterior
  • Introduction to Crown & Bridge
  • Interdisciplinary approach-Implant Aesthetics, Perio-Aesthetics, Ortho Aesthetics
  • Digital Dentistry - Hands-on for participants with Intra-Oral Scanners
  • Understanding Occlusion for function
  • Face-bow records and planning for Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Smile Designing Case (From Diagnosis, Treatment Planning to Final Cementation)
  • Principles of Set-up of an Aesthetic Dental Practice
  • Unique Practice Management Program




The course will be carried out mainly through theoretical classes from the University cloud. Candidates can opt contact workshops



The course will be evaluated by taking an online exam and presenting cases by the students.



Dr. Raúl Izquierdo Escrig - Director

BSc. Jaume I University (Chemical Engineering).
MSc. Polythecnic Univ. of Valencia (Chemistry-Physics of Polymers).
PhD. Jaume I University (Porous Polymeric Biomaterials).

His research activity is mainly related to the design and development of novel materials and/or processing routes, useful in fields like coatings and paintings, biomedical devices of food packaging.


Dr. Julio José Suay Antón - Associate Director

Industrial Engineer, PhD. In Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.  

Full Professor of the Universitat Jaume I. Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Design.

Established Medco (spin-off company of the University of Castellon) engaged in the development of anticorrosive pigments and coatings formulation.

Coordinator and director of PIMA, Polymers and Advanced Materials research group, taking part in the researches of the Biomaterials Center.

His research is mainly focused in three fields: the development of functional coatings for biomedical applications (dental implants), research in implants osteointegration by proteomics and the use of electrochemistry as a tool for formulating anticorrosive pigments.

Head of GMI-Ilerimplant Dental Science chair since 2017.

Dr. Mahendra Patait - Course Director

Dr. Mahendra Patait, eminent Oral Diagnostician and an outstanding  Radiologist, completed his BDS from Government Dental College, Mumbai, and was conferred the degree of Masters in Dental Surgery in 2002. His academic excellence did not culminate here, and his unquenched thirst for knowledge prompted Dr. Patait to secure Ph. D in Dental sciences. As a Specialist general practitioner of having 17 year experience ,he is specialist in Esthetic dentisty. He has done lot of Imaging Guided surgeries and experienced in Digital Smile designing integrated with 3D Imaging and CAD CAM technology. As a full mouth rehabilitation dentulous and edentulous cases in esthetic dentistry he is through in Aesthetics with Ceramics – Crowns, Bridges, Inlay, Onlay, Laminates/Veneers (Composite & Ceramic) and Interdisciplinary approach-Implant Aesthetics, Perio Aesthetics, Ortho Aesthetics, With a Special Interest in Dental CBCT and Imaging Guided Implant Planning (Done more than 20000 Dental Implant planning) and Imaging Guided surgeries – with surgical guide( more than 100) has surgical cases Done with Nobel Surgical Guide.

D. Francisco Romero

Chemical Engineer, MsC. of Science Technology and Applications of Ceramic Materials, Universitat Jaume I.

Chemical Engineer in department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Design at Universitat Jaume I.

Started as a researcher through a fellow collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain, followed by various research grants in the Department of Engineering in Industrial Systems and Design, working in the same university, where he acquired experience in the development of biomaterials and respective characterization techniques.

Research activity focused on the surface modification of dental implant through osteoinductive coatings and the development of new methodologies for biomaterial designing, based on the study of implant-tissue interactions using proteomics.






1000 €


  • Scanned pages of  1st and last pages of Passprt.

  • Passport Size Photograph soft copy.

  • Scanned copy of Dental Degree Certificate 

  • Payment receipt

Account number to make the
                                        deposit : (name, surname and course) ES64 2100-4236-14-2200003795 (La Caixa)

How and where do you have to deliver the documentation?

1. In person at the FUE-UJI in Castellón (Universitat Jaume I)
2. Via email at formacion@fue.uji.es
3. Via fax at 964 387010

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