XXI Congreso Internacional de Turismo Universidad- Empresa: Turismo y desarrollo en los espacios rurales de interior




The 21th edition of the International Tourism Congress, will be entitled "Tourism and development in rural interior locations" and will be held will be held in Castellon on the 25th and 26h of April 2018. Communications have to be about any of the issues related to the theme of the Congress, among which are:

• Tourist experiences in rural areas

 • Tourism and settlement

 • The new governance in the development of rural enterprises

• Participation and management in agrotourism

• Ecotourism and management processes

 • Family business management

• The contribution of NNTT to the development of rural areas

 • Complementary tourist offer: events, fairs, ...

• Rural tourism

• Active tourism and nature

 • Health tourism in rural areas

 • Sports tourism: hiking, climbing, mountain biking, ...

• Cultural and heritage tourism in rural areas

• Music as a generator of tourist flows

• Marketing techniques for  inland tourism products

• Generation of experiential products in rural and inland areas 

• Application of innovation to the development of tourism services

• Quality improvement processes in tourism services

• Wine tourism

 • Historical sets in rural areas


Selection process

This edition counts with two kinds of participants, those who present papers and thos who present posters.

The presentations can be held in person or via video-conference (on-line).

Papers: in this case the selection process begins with the submission of the full text of the communication. Upon receipt of a Scientific Committee will evaluate the proposals and select the communications that will be exhibited at the Congress (there is a limited amount of time reserved for exposing communications).
Posters: you need to send an abstract of your poster to be valued. Once it has been approved, the size of the poster must be 90x60 cm.

During the Congress, members of the scientific committee will form a comission to select the best paper, which will be awarded with a cash prize of 500€. This paper will be published in the journal “Papers de Turisme”, edited by the Generalitat Valenciana.

The Scientific Committee is composed by:

Prof. Drª. Sheela Agarwal, Plymouth University
Prof. Dr. Enrique Bigné, Universidad de Valencia
Prof. Salvatore Bimonte, Universidad de Siena
Prof. Dr. Carlos Cardoso, Universidad de Lisboa
Prof. Dr. Josep Ivars Baidal, Universidad de Alicante
Prof. Dr. Jafar Jafari, Fundador-Editor de la revista Annals of Tourism Research
Prof. Dr. Rafael Lapiedra, Universitat Jaume I
Prof. Dr. Diego López, Universitat Jaume I
Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Lozato-Giotard, Université Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle
Prof. Dr. Emilio Obiol, Universidad de Valencia
Prof. Dr. Jose Mª Otero, Universidad de Málaga
Prof. Dr. Juan Ignacio Pulido, Universidad de Jaén
Prof. Drª.Ana Belén Ramón, Universidad de Alicante
Prof. Drª. Amparo Sancho, Universidad de Valencia
Prof. Dr. Enrique Torres, Universidad de Málaga
Prof. Dr. Fernando Vera, Universidad de Alicante
Prof. Drª. María José Viñals, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Prof Drª. Rosa Yagüe, Universidad de Valencia
Prof.Drª. Rosa Mª Rodríguez, Universitat Jaume I

Before the Congress, authors of the selected papers may introduce modifications suggested by the Scientific Committee or updates on their work, which will only be admitted for distribution if they are sent by email to Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa.

After the Congress, authors of the selected papers will send the final text of the work to the Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa by email. The Fundacion Universitat Jaume I Empresa has the commitment of publishing all papers selected in the Congress’s book (published by a national editorial), but the organization does not assume travelling and assistance costs for speakers.

Only the works of speaker who are registered in the Congress will be published.

Papers should have the following standards:

Regarding the length: minimum of 15 pages and a maximum of 20 (maximum 5200 words including references, tables and figures ), following the structure that follows :

The title page should include: title, author/s (maximum of 3 authors per work), subject for which the paper is presented, address, phone and e-mail of contact. The rest of pages will follow the next rules:

  • Main title in capital letters and bold (font type: Times New Roman 12, single spaced)
  • Shifted titles in bold and numbered (Size 11)
  • Subsections lowercase, bold and numbered (Size 11)

Also, the full text should have a summary and keywords in Spanish and English.



          1. SECTIONS

                         1.1Sub –paragraph


Minor rankings should be lettered as follows: a) b ) c ) etc. .

The references in the text should be cited in parentheses with the author's name and year of publication.

The final bibliography should be done as follows:

  • Vera et al (1997): Territorial Analysis of Tourism. Edit. Ariel. Barcelona.
  • Yague Perales, R. (2002): "Rural Tourism in Spain. Annuals of Tourism Research 29 : 1101-1110

If references to Web pages are made, they must go at the end of the bibliography. 

Call for Paper’s Deadlines
  • 22th of February of 2018. The full text of the Paper should be sent before this date.
  • 16th of March:  of 2018: Communication of selected papers.
  • 25th and 26th of May of 2018: XX Congress of Tourism.
  • 11th of May of 2018: Deadline for final texts of papers to be published.
Submissions should be made to the following address:

Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa
Campus Riu Sec, Edifici Consell Social , 12071-Castellón
Teléfono:  964.387222;  Fax  964387010

Diego López Olivares
Congress Director


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