International Conference on MULTILINGUALISM: sociolinguistic and acquisitional perspectives




 Venue: Universitat Jaume I (Castelló - Spain)

Dates: 16th – 18th  December 2008


Call for papers:  DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION 30 th Juny

Individual papers (30 minutes) & symposia (2 hours)
Acceptance: 20th April 2008
Full text: 30th May 2008
Registration:  November/December 2008


The main goal of this International Conference is the promotion of recent research and state-of-the-art debate on both (i) the effect of multilingualism in education and (ii) the effect of educational policies in the promotion of multilingualism. In addition sociolinguistic accounts in the study of languages in contact will also be the focus of this event.

The conference will feature four plenary speakers who are internationally recognised experts in multilingualism and language acquisition. Concurrent sessions will address sociolinguistic or/and acquisitional perspectives in the study of multilingualism.

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