Máster Dental Science 2020-2022

Del 21/10/2020 al 31/07/2022

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The main objective of the Master’s Degree in Dental Science is to train specialists in dentistry and, particularly, the branches of implantology, neuromuscular dentistry and orthodontics. It has an international outlook, so it sets out to meet the demands of students from a variety of geographical locations (particularly, Asia and Latin America). Thus, a blended-learning programme has been designed in which theory is taught online and internships are offered in prestigious centres in the students’ home countries.

The demand for high-quality and specialised training offered by world-renowned universities such as the Universitat Jaume I (which is one of the top 500 in world rankings) is increasing among dentistry professionals. Additionally, they demand training that enables them to undertake doctoral studies.

The programme is taught by internationally-renowned specialised lecturers.

It has a multidisciplinary approach, since its lecturers comprise professionals from a wide variety of fields, such as engineering, biomedicine and, of course, clinical specialists.

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  • Graduates in dentistry and equivalent degrees.
  • Preferably, practitioners wishing to receive specialised and quality training.

Admission to the course will be decided on by the course directors based on the evaluation of the candidates’ CVs, taking mainly into account their professional careers (qualifications, years of experience, research activity).


Duration: 120 ECTS credits – two academic years
Delivery mode: blended. Theory will be taught online, while internship will require the student's attendance (on-site).
Dates: from 21th october 2020 to 31 July 2022
Contact phone number: +34 964 38 72 09/22
Qualification / Diploma obtained: UJI-specific master's degree


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